Saturday, December 4, 2010


"Mama! Mama! Wake UP!!! There's SNOW!!!" and they jumped on us in the big bed and I giggled and sat up and J pretended to be a rock, in case they would give up and leave him to sleep.  

We bundled up and went out to revel in it, skipping breakfast, because who has time when there is SNOW!  They found their little man shovels and went to work piling snow here and there and digging and climbing and having the quiet, deep, fun play that snow brings.  The best part?  

 Millie.  Watching her play in the snow awakens that part of you that plays too.  It makes you feel like rolling around in the snow like a dog.  She is so funny.
When we came in for breakfast, she had to be put into the bath because she had soooo much packed snow in her fur...we didn't know what else to do with her!  She didn't mind one bit.  The labrador in her loves the bath as much as the puppy in her loves the snow!

Oh, to be so happy!  So free!  I'm so glad to be "awakened" by these blessings in my life every day.  May I never become too old, too hard to be touched by such things.  Amen.

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