Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day Activities

It's been really snowy here.  Really snowy.  Like Blizzard-ing even.  Crazy.  The weather was so odd last night that I tried to capture it in a photo.  The light was such a strange color.  The photo doesn't do it justice.
 This morning we woke to a crisply fresh scene.  It was truly beautiful.  I shoveled the front walk and in places it was deeper than my knee.  (and I'm tall!)

 This side of the yard there was not as much snow because it has all been blown away!  Can you see the traces the wind has left behind?
 So what do we do when we are stuck inside during a blizzard?  We play harmonica of course.  :)
 And we bake.  This time it was shortbread with dark chocolate.  Yum!

 I crocheted this hat, while they sledded out side for a short while.  The wind was just whipping the snow around and they came in with very red cheeks.  It's just not too fun to be out in that.
And then after we read books, watched a film, listened to music, made soup, we....played some more harmonica.  Ha.  Actually to be totally honest, little man played harmonica all the while....while we did those other things.  I think he misplaced it later in the day though because after supper it was much quieter.  Can you just see the mischief in those eyes?

Hope you are keeping safe and warm these days.

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  1. as difficult as all that snow can make life, we are wishing for a bit of that...soonish. we got less than 2 inches today and the school across the street was closed. so, it may as well dump, right? just for a day or two when no one has any REAL reasons to get anywhere, maybe? that first picture did not look like a photo to me - i thought it was a painting, so yeah, the weirdness came across!! AND YAY boys, for being in your first play!!!!! that is so exciting!!! wish we could have been there to see you!