Monday, November 29, 2010

Choosing Life to break the ice before I share with you my biggest struggle.  Um, yeah.  I guess there isn't an easy or clever way to put it.  So.  *Deep Breath*   I need to lose about 100 pounds.  Yeah.  And I'm starting now.  And.... I felt like I outta "go public" about it because I need the accountability and you might just be inspired.  :)

The why?  Because I want to be healthy.  Because it is my responsibility to take care of my body.  Because I love J and want to grow old with him.  Because I want to be there for my boys as they grow into men.  And because I just know that there will be *girl* grandbabies and I want to be around for that.

The plan?  Eat less and exercise more.

The plan for the plan? (you know what I mean right?)  Writing down what I eat, so I can keep track better and walking the dog every morning and supplementing with extra workouts when I can.  And drinking lots of water.

The mantra?  "Choose Life. Choose Life.  Choose Life!"  This is a spiritual journey for me.  I'll share more about that in the future perhaps.  Please pray for me as I take the first steps towards overcoming an attitude of self reliance and self worship.

I hope to blog about my journey every monday as part of Motivation Monday (through Inspired to of my favorite blogs!)  I know that Tree Shadow Farm is a journal of our family adventures, but this is going to be a big part of it for awhile.  Thanks for supporting me!

signing off to go find my pilates video...

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  1. Reba, as someone who has been on this journey much longer than you have, it's not easy, but it's sooooo worth it!! I admit, I've back-slid since I quit Weight Watchers, but I feel so much better than when I started 4 years ago. More energy, knees not as sore, etc. Best of luck!! I'll be sending positive energies your way!!