Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The List Continued....

Things I'm thankful for....

#5....for the giant Thanksgiving Tree growing on my kitchen wall (pics coming soon!)

#6...for the man's giving heart. He works late and still comes home eager and willing to let everyone climb on him, to read stories, to hold me and let me talk about my day....

#7....for the heat register by the new kitchen sink. it's so cozy on my feet.

#8...for friends who love me enough to take time to buy me pink gloves and snowmen socks for my birthday.

#9...for a mother in law who is willing to come help clean my house

#10...for a friend who calls this morning, just as I am wondering how to run the few errands i must get done, and offers to help out with picking up a few needed things.

#11...for the newly covered boxes that hold the hats and mittens. what a blessing to be able to use what you have and make something simple and lovely in it's own way
Bring on the snow!

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