Thursday, November 18, 2010

Afternoon Adventure

What do we do while the two older boys are away at Homeschool Co-op?

We play.....

We eat train sandwiches....ham and cheese with mustard...Hen really likes mustard...
We went for a walk, just the three of us, on this cloudy, chilly day....and were delighted to see this fellow up close! He was arguing with a blue jay and I think he won. He settled into the black walnut tree right above us and sat there for quite awhile.

I thought at first that it was an owl. It seemed that way from the back perhaps? I am not sure exactly what he is, but I think he must be a hawk. We consulted the bird book, but couldn't decide. What do you think?
We ended our afternoon by making granola and cleaning up the toy room. It's outta hand. Seriously. We are going to do some purging. There is just no reason for having so much when there are people who need food and shelter. Now, how to get the boys on board with this, I don't know. We've been reading the Heifer International catalog....talking about possibly getting some goats for Christmas. We read about a family that never had eggs before Heifer gave them some chickens. The boys, having birds of their own, could relate. Perhaps we could find someone to give some of our toys too. Anyone have ideas about this, please share!

On a random note....check out this Thanksgiving tree...this is what we are working on making! She has some great autumn craft ideas. Hope to show you pics of our finished tree soon!

Signing off for now....

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