Monday, November 8, 2010


Badger is now officially eight years old. Wow! Here is a recent picture of him in his favorite spot, up in one of the apple trees. Greensleeves, his favorite hen, often joins him up there. She sits on his foot and he strokes her neck. It's really so sweet to watch.
We celebrated this weekend with a family party one day and a relaxing day at church and home the next day. We took a long walk as part of the festivities and let Badger be the leader, choosing where we went. I can't believe he's eight.
The cake is a target with arrows. Can you tell? The flavor was Badger's specific request. Yellow cake, with four layers. Chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. It was very good and quite fun to make. (although I admit it would've been even more fun if it was done before 10pm. when am I ever going to learn to get started earlier?)
I wanted to find a picture of the boy when he was much smaller to show you in honor of his birthday. But honestly, I'm feeling all "november-y" lately, which sometimes gets in the way of getting things done. I love November. It always is a time of inwardness for me, which can be a very good thing. So I apologize to you if the blog is updated less frequently. Please be patient with me. :) November-ness never lasts too long.

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