Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter Walk

While I was bundling up the littlest of the littles.....they were exploring the icy birdbath...

little treehugger

figuring out mittens

all bundled up

milkweed treasure

i could gaze at trees forever

Once we arrived at our destination...the local cafe....the older boys sat at a table by themselves. Hen quickly climbed into Badger's lap which is one of his favorite laps these days. (he has many, many laps to choose from...)

by themselves with cocoa and scones
You'll have to use your imagination about J & I, stealing glances at one another over our lattes. I always forget to take pictures of us....which is strange....because ours is the story afterall. I so love that man. *sigh*

Winter walks with my family are my favorite.

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