Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you remember what it looked like before?  (In case you don't you can check out the "before" pictures here.)

The Great Kitchen Remodel, part 605.  (okay maybe it hasn't been that long but it's gettin' there....)
They have a few more coats to do on the drywall.  Then the texture. I'm thinkin' orange peel, but I'm not totally convinced.  Then I get to paint.  I can't wait!
In the picture below you can see the beam that was placed in the ceiling to hold up the roof now that the wall is gone.  I like the different levels of the ceiling.  Somehow it makes it more interesting and helps with the flow of the room.
Here you can see the orange door that is the side entrance of our house.  I want to have an umbrella stand by that door.  I've always wanted an umbrella stand.  
And last but not you can see a very dull picture that probably holds very little meaning for you....but it's my favorite part of the kitchen so far!!! This is the new pantry closet.  Well, it's going to be that anyway!  The plastic you see in the picture is the basement door...for those of you that know my house....Anyway....I'm looking forward to having a place for all the nice little jars of jam and such.  

It's supposed to be 90 degrees here this week.  It started today actually.  I'm really not looking forward to being home with the boys in this construction phase while it's so very hot.  Ick!  But on the bright side the garden is growing really well.  :)  I hope to post some pictures for you soon of all the green loveliness.  And be sure to check back tomorrow....something fun is happening tomorrow here at the farm!

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  1. sooooo exciting. i'm happy for you that it's getting this far!!! the end is in sight (right???)! enjoy the summer weather...maybe some long days at governor dodge?