Monday, May 17, 2010

Owl's Birthday Cake

Turning 4 has been great. :)

Here is the cake creation we came up with for Owl this year. It is quite different then we had first planned. See, all year he had been talking about having a woodpecker cake. (Woodpeckers are his favorite kind of bird) I had thought of making a chocolate cake that looked like a tree stump and then fashioning some kind of woodpecker cookie? or perhaps finding an ornament? or making some kind of woodpecker to attach to the stump cake. (Stump cake. Ha ha.)

However, when we went to the specialty store to get a few more cake decorating supplies, Owl saw this Buzz Lightyear candle.....and the rest is history. :)

He really liked it, and when he first saw it he said, "It looks delicious!" He is ever the sweet tooth.
Buzz's rocket was lit for the festivities and successfully extinguished.
It was delicious! If I do say so myself. :)

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