Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I took pictures....

Aren't they sweet?  Two days old now....

There are quite a few of them this time around.  30 meat birds...to be shared with our friends.  We are going to brood them for the first three weeks.  Then they will be raised on our friends' land.  Then we butcher them together.  Yeah....it's not as bad as it sounds....and it's important to know where your food is coming from.  An assortment of 12 laying hens.  Some of them are Auracanas....like the two darker colored ones in the picture below.  Aren't they beautiful?  The brown striped one actually has blue eyes!  They are such pretty hens and they lay blue green eggs.  
I love this little black one.  She is really friendly and will come right up to any of the boys.  She also is the first one to the feeder when it is replenished.  I like this picture because she fits right into one of the slots in the egg carton.  :)

It's been really hot here lately.  We've been doing alot of this.......
This picture is just funny.  So I thought I'd show it to you.  Nothin' like a doggie kiss.
Here are two pictures of Hen and I in our jammies. 

We are tired.  So there have been plenty of mornings lately where we have been hanging out in our jammies till lunch.  We've been reading a lot and building legos and planting potatoes.  Today I started priming the kitchen.  It's taking me awhile since I am tired and painting ceilings is not the job for a tired person.  But I am determined to finish in a timely fashion.  So here I go.....a little painting before bed.

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