Thursday, May 13, 2010


Time is flying.  Flying right by.  Whoosh!  There it goes.  See?

And I am here.  We are here.  I wake up in the morning and each morning seems fresh and new and I sleepily smile a prayer to my Creator.  Thank you God for another beautiful day.  For another chance this day.  I climb out of bed.  My feet hit the floor and off I go!  The days are full.  :)

Here's a big "Thank You!" to those of you who have helped us along during this "adventure". The meals, visits, offers to come play, help painting, help watching the kids, and prayer are so very, very appreciated.  We love you.  

Here is the update about the house and crew.  (I've decided to narrow it down to 5 things so that I keep it short and sweet.  My tired self needs that.)

1.  The electrical, plumbing, heating and insulation are roughed in.  (If you are new can check out past posts about the remodel here)  It's great!  They have temporarily hooked up the washer and dryer!  Hurray!  The next step is drywall which is scheduled to start next week Tuesday or Wednesday.   I am very grateful for the progress, but it is all going soooo much slower than we were told.  Please continue to pray for us....for our spirits to remain patient and for our bodies to remain healthy!  (I can't wait to be able to cook real food for my family!)
2.  Little Owl has a birthday coming up! The little man will be 4.  Hard to believe right?  We have big birthday plans.  Check back in with us this weekend!

3.  The boys are doing well.  Really well.  See?
4.  How am I doing with the painting all ten billion cabinets?  Oh, just fine.'s more like 18 cabinets, give or take a few.  The thing is they are turning out "differently" than I had anticipated.  Painting has a way of doing that.  So instead of being fresh and white and new....I decided to rough them up and make them look "aged".  They look good, but now I think the whole "design" of the area may need to be rethought.  Just what I have time for right?  :)

5.  We are making music.  This is the best part of the past week.  Besides, just the daily wonderfulness of our family.  The new guitar is awesome!  J and I play and sing together and it's just the best thing ever.   I've started helping with the music at church and that has been really good.  (and challenging too!)  It's really good to be able to use my ability to serve others.  

I'm going to steal a line from Badger's Dragon Newspaper.  Every edition ends with ...."And that is that."   

ps. Badger would like you to know that an edition of the Dragon Newspaper, featuring our daily "doings" is available to you for the low price of just $1.  :)

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