Monday, May 17, 2010

Owl's Birthday Adventure

"I want to go fishing, mama!"
There was a little hike to get there....Hey, Owl...I think you're going the wrong way...
That's better.  A little help from Papa.
A beauty we saw along the way.  
The men kept walking around the lake until they found a good fishing spot.  The hike was rather steep, but they enjoyed every second of it.
Grandma, Hen, and I stayed where the path was a little easier.  We watched them from across the lake and had a nice quiet time enjoying the surroundings.  Hen loves Grandma time.
A water bird that visited us.  It was a treat to see him, and I wonder what kind of bird he his.  See his long legs?
We also were blessed with a visit from several turtles!  Here are two little guys who were polite enough to let me take their photo. 
The boys stopped to play at the beach for a bit before we left. Fun times.
Little Owl.  4.  

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  1. love the adventure photos! So wonderful to be out doors with ones family :) <3
    By the way, its hard to tell because the picture is small and i cant see the beak, but from the dark legs and body shape it looks like either a type of plover or a sandpiper. :)