Monday, May 24, 2010

The Postman Called at 6am Today....

To deliver our baby chicks.   :)  All 48 of them.  And silly old me didn't even get one picture.  Oi!  And now it's dark and the sweet little things are all tucked in for the night. Actually, they are all locked and sound....because we don't like providing the raccoons with treats around here.

Anyway....I promise to get you some pictures tomorrow.  They are so sweet and little.  And even though this is our fourth time raising day old chicks the boys are still totally infatuated with their fluffy cuteness.  And little Hen is so curious about them.  :)

In other news the dry wall is finished!  And I have plans to prime the walls tomorrow, Lord willing.  Off to spend some time with my J.  G'night.

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