Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitchen Update

The wall color.  Feather Grass is the name.  Strange name.  Nice color.  How DO they pick paint names anyway?  I imagine someone sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee in one hand and a swatch in the other and then thinking, thinking.  Then she spouts off  "feather grass" and someone else writes it down and there you have it.  I would SO like that job.  ha.

I truly love the color.  It's the kind of color that you don't really notice at first, but you just feel it.  It changes depending on the light, but not in an irritating-what-color-are-you kind of way.    Anyway, I like it.  I hope you do too.  You should come to my house and see it sometime.  But you may want to wait a bit before you come...say....until there is a place to sit and running water.
I still love the big window.  Here you can see some of the cabinets.  The still-not-installed cabinets.  Ahem.
Do you see the floor? *squeals of excitement*  It's awesome!  J is putting it in.  It's a maple laminate.  We hope to finish it this weekend.  I say "we" because he has helpers.  

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