Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Blooms

We've finally gotten into the "swing" of things regarding the remodel.  It goes something like this.  Wake up super early (before 6am).  Shower.  Read and pray.  Pack lunch in cooler.  Make supper by loading crockpot.  Make sure there is enough drinking water.  Make breakfast.  Then go on with the day from there. :)  This all has to be done before 7am when the worker men get here because the room that has the refrigerator and pantry is closed off to us once they are here.  (for lead and mold issues.)  

Anyway....we feel like we have finally gotten used to all this and have settled into it quite nicely.  The boys are doing well with it too for the most part.  There is definitely a struggle with the noise of the construction being over stimulating for all of us during the day, so we try to escape when we can to the great outdoors whenever possible!  The only time we are indoors is for Hen's nap or for a little break from the windy chilly Spring that we've had for the past several days.  Little Hen is an awesome little napper these days and sleeps right through the hammering and drilling.  I'm sooo thankful for this!!!

We are working away in our flower and vegetable gardens.  We made a worm house last week and released our worms in the garden yesterday.  (they had made babies! while in the worm house!) Today we are hoping to have enough time outside to actually get the onions and spinach planted!  Here are some pictures from our outside times.

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  1. yay, spring!!! i don't know how you're doing it, but i'm glad you're sharing tips should the need ever arise...i'm sure the boys are interested in all the goings on!