Thursday, April 29, 2010

Receiving Blessings

These days......these crazy, messy, beautiful days....

There are so many things I could share with you about these past few days.  The part about finding the courage to call the plumber yet again.  The part where we found out that no worker men would be here for several more days.  The part about going outside for the umpteenth time to fetch something from the fridge for the ever hungry the rain.  The part about the bat that has taken up residence in the unfinished kitchen.  You get the idea.  Lots of challenging parts to these days.

Yet, the part that has grabbed my focus is how every day for the past few weeks people have reached out to us.  To offer friendship and fellowship :) I'm sooooo thankful that some of you love us enough to offer help and offer again and again until I finally say yes!

I've really been thinking about why I am so hesitant (stubborn?) to accept help.  And I'm not sure there is some really deep reason.  It's just pride.  Yeah.  Pride is stubborn.  It doesn't budge for anything.  It has to be melted away.  It is the Love of God that brings us to Him.  It is Love that opens us.  It empties our cup enough to let something actually get in there.  (if your cup isn't a little empty then anything being poured in just runs right out!) 

We have so many blessings around us.  It just seems that many of us, myself included here, often are too "full" with other things to reach out and accept the blessing, whatever it may be.  (a friend's help, being provided for by someone other than yourself, or even forgiveness)  I'm so glad to be learning this right now.  

The boys have been learning it too, each in their way.  We've been playing alot more at friend's houses and having many shared meals too.  It's been so amazing to see them stretching and growing and thriving during this time.  They are so much more capable than I sometimes realize!  And I'm learning to trust God a little more with them as well.  Afterall, His love is for each of us.  For them too!  And He surely looks after them as well as He looks after me!  How silly of me to worry! is our first quiet day at home in a long while.  I hope to find time to post more pictures for you.  We'll see..... The big bed upstairs and the new library books seem to be calling me.....

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