Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cricket's Day

We celebrated Cricket's Birthday again today. :) I guess he is having a birthday week. :) :)
The day went down kinda....well....shall we say wonky? Yes. The day was wonky.

First off....the construction crew was set to come this morning to rip out the walls. So J and I stayed up waaaaay to late last night finishing up everything we could to prepare. See...the more we demolish ourselves the less we have to pay them. (hourly rate and all) Plus, I had to make the cake last night. So....all of this led to a tired, tired morning for us. And the construction guys never made it here today at all. That is how it goes sometimes. (but don't worry, i will not lose heart)

Secondly....Cricket was really tired all morning. And he said his tummy hurt. He ate breakfast and played with his bros but he just seemed a little off. By lunch time we headed outside with a picnic lunch and he just laid on the blanket and looked at his sandwich. Now....if any of you know Cricket, you know how much that is just not like him!!!! He asked to lay down and rest. Um...okay little buddy. This all went down about 45 minutes before his birthday party was set to begin!

We had plans with friends to meet at a park to play and share cupcakes. He was really looking forward to it of course! I took his temperature and he was fine. So off we went.

We played with friends. The sun was shining. The wind was blowing gently. It was a beautiful day! But poor little Cricket was definitely not himself. He tried to play. He even smiled for a couple of pictures, but I could tell he wasn't feeling right. When it came time for cake, he didn't have any. Oh dear. He asked to go home. Okay. Then as papa and I proceeded to pack up and round everybody up.....little Cricket got sick. Oh dear. Oh, poor poor boy. Everyone was really great about it, but still. How sad is it to get sick on your birthday...especially in front of your friends? :(

To make up for it, we ran to the library and got Star Wars to watch while he laid on the couch. He requested a Star Wars Movie. He may have been sick, but the little man knows an opportunity when it comes knockin'. He said something like, "Can we get a Star Wars movie to watch while I rest since I don't feel good? It is my birthday you know." How could we say no? ;) are a few pictures of the cake for those of you who requested them. :) It's a timber rattlesnake, Cricket's request.
see the dirt and rocks around it...those were Cricket's idea too. :)
the fangs are made of almonds
i'm not sure you can see it in the picture, but the rattle is standing up which is a defensive you better watch out! ;)

*sorry about all the little faces...i know that can be annoying but i'm tired and emotional today. please love me anyway. :) sorry too about the weird colored font in parts...too tired to fix it today...


  1. that is the coolest "cake" ever!!!!<3

  2. Honestly, I really think kate could ride without the training wheels...but i dont think my nerves can handle that kind of stress just yet! haha! I think we'll wait awhile before trying to take them off.