Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 things about Today

1.  They are finally cutting the hole for the window today.  Finally.  Phew.  This is the last phase of the ripping out that needs to be done before the plumbing gets roughed in.  Hurray!  I am still trying to get enough courage to ask the plumber about hooking up the washer once things are roughed in??? Please oh please!!!??? See, once, a while ago, when I was very pregnant, dear plumber came to our house one wintry morning during our bathroom remodel.  We had been waiting and waiting for the toilet to arrive.  (it was backordered or something)  And I was having to drag my tired pregnant body down the stairs during the night whenever I had to pee.  Which was a few hundred times a night.  So when dear plumber arrived that morning to tell me that "it still had not arrived!"  I think I may have bitten his head off.  Or perhaps I cried.  I can't exactly remember because I had a cloudy pregnant brain at the time.  But either one is really enough to scare any man far, far away.  And now when I see dear plumber for the kitchen remodel he just has this look in his eyes like he remembers.  I know, I know.  I'm probably crazy.  But still.  I am nervous about asking him about the washer.  Poo.

2.  The two oldest boys are sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight.  Yep.  They are excited.  They are packing their bags.  Badger is writing down important things to remember. (ha ha.  his idea honestly!)  Cricket has mentioned more than once that he hopes there will be plenty of time to play with Papa's legos while he is there. (yes, J has saved all his legos from childhood in their original boxes and the boys adore them!)  I honestly have very little "feelings" about this.  I think Grandma and Grandpa perhaps thought that I was not too keen on the idea because I didn't jump at it when it was mentioned awhile ago.  It's true I didn't jump at the idea.  But that's only because truthfully it doesn't really benefit me at all.  (selfish I know)  I think lots of parents would admit that the real fun part of letting your kids stay at Grandma's is that they get a night off!  But with 4 littles you just don't get that very often.  So papa bear and I will still have two littles to spend time with.  I suppose it will be a little quieter.  But in my experience, when a few of the others are gone, the ones left behind are all the louder. ha!

3.  Owl has decided what he wants to do tonight on his "special night" with mama and papa.  He wants to go out for icecream.  That boy has a sweet tooth!  But I'm totally in!

4.  A while back I posted on buying things in bulk.  Remember?  Well after talking with a few of you I decided to go the next step up in peanut butter.  Instead of 5lbs.  I ordered.......35lbs!  That's a 5 gallon pal!!!!  of peanut butter!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!  I'm going to go pick it up today.  I know it's a little crazy, but I bet secretly you wish you had a 5 gallon pal of peanut butter too!

5.  Today I'm planning on starting to paint the unfinished cabinets.  I'm going to set up shop in the garage.  I love love love love love to paint so I am quite excited about this.  :)

That's all.  

Hope your day is filled with things that bring you Joy!

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