Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

by Reba

1.  Plan ahead.  Specifically, remind yourself that it always takes longer than they say it will just does.  Tell yourself that it will take at least two weeks more construction time than "they" say.  Then you will feel more prepared and able to handle the chaos a little longer.

2.  Get a crock pot and figure out how to use it to make everything.  No.  Really.  Did you know that you can make breakfast in your crockpot while you sleep?  You can.  :)  French toast while you are curled up in bed.  :)  Just think how nice to wake up to a warm meal and a great smelling house!
--just a note careful what kind of crockpot you with a stainless steel insert is the way to go.  I had no idea about this until last fall while "shopping" for one for my SIL.  They are a bit pricey, but worth it!  You don't want to eat a side of yucky chemicals in your baked oatmeal. 

3.  Remind yourself often of your blessings.  I keep thinking about how my house, in its current chaotic, messy, plaster dust filled state is luxurious!!! compared to how real people live in other parts of the world.  I still have more than I need to feed my family and to live here everyday and I'm really thankful.  So what if I have to wash the dishes in the bathtub or go outside around the house in my pajamas to get to the refrigerator or coffee pot?

4.  Take pictures of the process.  This helps see how far you've come and that makes everything seem worth it. :)

5.  Be nice to the construction workers.  Tell them they can use your potty. (they won't ask usually)  Offer them coffee in the morning or ice water at noon.  Ask them how they are doing and show respect to them by letting them work without being in the way.  Happy workers do a better job. :)  

6.  When all else fails....and the day is going horribly....when you can't stand the noise and dust anymore....and you have only enough energy to do one more thing....then go put some lipstick on and comb your hair so that when your hubby comes home he will see you put some effort into looking nice for him and realize how sweet that is considering the chaos you've been in all day.  Then he'll take you out to dinner. (away from the mess!)
They are taking the old windows out and putting the new giant one in today!  And the weight bearing wall is gone!  And the new ceiling beams are up!  I hope to take picture this eve and post them for you. 

*and a big thank you to those of you who have helped with laundry and meals.  we love you! and are so glad to have good friends like you. :)

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