Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Night Live

Our town has music at the park in the summer and we were pretty excited when we found out that tonight's artist was going to be Willy Porter!!! J has been listening to Willy for years, and I like him too. Which is saying alot because...well....I'm rather anti-popculture as some of you may know. I definitely don't like musicians just because other people do. But Willy is awesome, and his music is especially nostalgic for me because J and I listened to him often that first year we were dating. So, we packed everyone up and headed to the park. Willy here we come!
Isn't it strange how we both have the same expression on our face?
Our neighbor's sunflowers. Classic posed smiles...or not smile. Cricket has told me he doesn't think his smile looks real in pictures so he isn't going to use it and he hopes I don't mind. :)
A boy and his dog. Yes, even Millie got to come along.
At the park. It was so crowded but we were able to be right off to the side. There were kids everywhere and I was glad that the boys seemed perfectly content to just sit and chill. They seemed to really enjoy the music. Badger asked about the sound of the electric guitar and wonders how that all works. :) Cricket and Owl danced a bit, but I was too busy soaking it in to get a decent picture. Willy sounded great!

We headed home right as the last song was starting. It was a slower one, from the new album, and I really wanted to hear it. As we walked I was hoping for some quiet reverie, but alas, the chattering started as soon as we were far enough away for a small one's voice to be heard. Mama, I need your hand. Mama, do you see the fireflies? Why do the fireflies only come out at night? Oh, mama maybe we'll see some wildlife on our walk home! Would we be in bed by now? Mama, will there be time for stories at home? Maybe we'll see a skunk...those are nocturnal aren't they mama? Or a grass snake.....and on and on it goes.

And I was starting to feel grumpy about the chatting. I just wanted a second longer. Just enough to linger over that lovely feeling of remembering J and I when we were first together. Just a little longer to look at him carrying our baby on the walk home. Just a little quieter so I could hear the music playing in the background. And just when all those feelings were about to become some serious grumpiness that still, small voice spoke to me. (phew!)

You'd like to hear the music dear one? Pay attention to this. This. Right here. This IS your music.

Oh. *sheepish grin* Yeah. Thanks.

So I quickened my step to keep up with the boys and chatted about snakes, and bugs and nocturnal creatures while I walked hand in hand with one of my small ones, all the way home.

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  1. OH MAN! i am so jealous!!!! an evening with your family AND willy porter?????? wow...