Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Third time's a charm?

Oi! I have had all kinds of trouble getting the computer to load up pictures. But persistence won out and here they are! Pictures of our campfire from the weekend.'s still pretty light out, but we have littles and wanted to still have time for our weekly "date" of watching "Dr. Who" together after the kids are in bed. :)
We did some weaving on our chairs with oregano and mint from the ward of the mosquitos....can you see it?
J wittling down a stick for.....

marshmallows of course!
Campfire, smores, fireflies, sweet little boys, handsome hubby, it really doesn't get much better than that does it? But then.....these beautiful creatures showed up.
The fawn must be brand new....the doe we had seen before almost daily, when putting the chickens in for the night. And this night she showed up with her baby! We felt so privileged that she came to her usual feeding spots right out in the open. The little one was so sweet. We even watched her running and playing under the apple trees a bit. :)
And here is one of breakfast the morning after. J's plate of blueberries n' cream waffles. When J went to fill up his coffee cup, Hen decided to help himself. Hungry, hungry baby. :)

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