Sunday, July 18, 2010

40 years!

Wow. It's been a whirlwind of a weekend....and it isn't over yet!

My mom and dad are celebrating their 40th anniversary today! Happy day you two! I love you and I'm proud of you both. :)

In celebration of the day there was a huge party yesterday! Lots of relatives and old friends that I hadn't seen for a long while were there. It was soooo great to see them and have a chance to hear their voices and see their smiles.

The day was especially nice for me because my aunts were there. I love those ladies. I admire them and respect them. They have gone before me, loving their husbands, raising their children, keeping their homes and families together. And besides that their voices are familiar. There shapes, their movements are ingrained in me, because as a little child I watched them. I watched them cook at big family meals at Grandma's house. I watched them help out with the dishes and cleaning up, working together as a team. I watched them take care of my cousins and host birthday parties and Thanksgivings and I watched them interact with my mom. She was always right there in the middle of it all. Tending to babies, getting big meals on the table, cleaning it all up.

This is how I learned what I wanted to be like when I grew up. By watching them. I had notions of becoming an Opera singer, an Archeologist, a Dancer....but they were definitely just passing fancies. Some part of me always new I really, really wanted to be a mom.

I may not parent exactly like my aunts. In fact, I'm sure I don't. But it's still the same thing. Every mom that loves their child goes through the same emotions, the same struggles. The same giving and giving and then letting go. And here these ladies are (all 5 of them!) on the other side of it. Their kids are grown, their marriages still intact, and they are still vibrant and lovely!

It was encouraging to see them. It was comforting to see and eat the food they brought, some things that I hadn't had since I was a kid. Pickled beets! You know only a farmer's wife makes those! They were delicious by the way.

Anyway....we had a good time at the party. :) I asked the boys what their favorite part was and they said.....the CAKE! So here it first attempt at a giant sheet cake.

And these little individual cheesecakes that I made. Aren't they cute?
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. We love you!

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  1. Gorgeous, Darling! You did a wonderful job and I'm glad you had a good time...sounds like the boys did too from the report I got at church today!