Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Organization Center

Aka the Giant Chalkboard in my dining room. :)

Oh dear. I'm afraid you can't see it very well. It's much more colorful in person. I guess that's what happens when a tired person tries to take a picture after 10pm. Is this picture any better?
See, there's a place for each boy, and one for J and for myself. I intend to also add a magnetic photo frame with a fun picture of each of us in our own "square". And a clipboard for J and myself. And I want to perhaps find a few little containers for chalk that actually sit on the shelf instead of chalk and dust being everywhere. :) I got this fun idea from this website. (go on, check it out. You know you want to!) Hers is a little neater than mine, but I'm determined not to spend any money on it, so I'll have to wait until I find or make what I need for the rest of it. My favorite part are the little clips to hang artwork or other pretty or important things. See them at the top?

My sister-in-law made those! I am going to let the boys help decide what to hang on them. Fun times. :)

How do you organize things for your family? Do you have a place to keep everyone's ideas and plans together?


  1. Wow - i definitely do not have enough going on!!! is your board magnetic (ours isn't)? if it is you could make some of those containers with lids that are magnetized to put your chalk in! we've used something similar for our fridge, made out of old hot chocolate containers, or those mixed nuts boxes...my "organization center" is a huge basket that lives on the end of our kitchen counter and serves as my "office"....ahem.

  2. Oooo making little magnetic boxes is a great idea! I'm going to have to see what's in the recycling bin!