Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sale

This past weekend we had a rummage sale! And I'm pleased to say that it was indeed a success! Phew! It's so much work going through everything and getting everything set up, even without four littles "helping". :) The boys were awesome though, and with the help of two good friends that also had some things to add to the sale, we were able to make a little money and clear out our home of unwanted or unneeded items. Hurray!

The boys had a lemonade and cookie stand. (chocolate chip of course) Friends and neighbors supported them in their efforts and they made almost $10. I was impressed.
Our friend, Sioux, stopped by. I think she may be one of the boys' biggest fans. :)

And today, we did quite a bit of this.
Oh, you can't tell what she is doing? Yeah, nothing. Well, perhaps dreaming about the birds and squirrels outside the window....but mostly nothing. :) We are in need of a little down time. Our sweet nieces are coming for a visit soon and we want to be ready! So we are saving up our energy and cleaning up our home in anticipation. We can't wait to see you girls! (and the mama and papa too!)

Signing off for now....time to dish up the spaghetti and meatballs with vegetable marinara (the tomato season has begun!)

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