Monday, August 9, 2010

Badger's Paper Projects

Badger, our eldest boy, is a uniquely introverted person. Whenever he needs some "down time" I can expect him to be doing one of two things....reading....or making something. He's been doing some really neat things with paper lately and I thought you might like to take a peek.

These first few are from a Star Wars lift the flap book that he is making. (all of these are totally his idea and independent work)

see the little ewok tree house?

He's also been exploring the world of Pop-ups. This one may be my favorite....
It's a mummy. And it was taped shut to the wall in the dining room. And in the other corner of the room was another piece of paper folded closed that had a secret message that helped you find the mummy. It was written in hieroglyphs which is also one of his hobbies. (I couldn't find that paper to photograph it, sorry...)

scary scene with bat
treasure chest that opens with the card
And a field of sunflowers. Apparently there is a message on this one too...see the hieroglyphs hiding between the points to whoever can figure it out. I'd have to go grab the book and look them up, because even though I faithfully decipher most of his codes I can't remember them to save my life. It's rough having a seven year old that is smarter than you. :)

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