Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Family Times

J's brother and his family are in town for a visit! They spent the day with us yesterday and it was so great! We had a nice brunch together, followed by a walk to the park.
I can't decide which I like better....seeing the brothers together....or watching all the cousins play....
And as an added bonus the cousins just happen to be girls. Look. A dress, a pink shirt, and those darling bare feet. But don't get me wrong, they might actually be more busy and energetic than my boys. (maybe) :)
We decided to have them stay for even more fun, so we put up the tent and started a fire.
Yeah, I know this picture may not be exciting to you, but look at those brothers. :)
Getting ready for the fire.

There were smores and stories, followed by the two uncles and the 5 children sleeping outside in the tent. They had so much fun! And don't worry, the aunts "rescued" them from the storms this morning, bringing them indoors for breakfast just before the rain began. It was such a refreshing storm that blew in. The kids continued playing for the rest of the morning, just enjoying each others company. Hurray!

More fun times to come soon hopefully. (And if you want to see more pictures of our adventures you can check out my sister in law's blog. her pictures are great!)

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