Monday, August 16, 2010

More Paper Love

I once read another mama's blog about putting together a "when the mama's sick" box, and I thought it was a great idea. It was something about putting things in the box that would make your day run smoother when you are a few activity books or small new toys or a movie and some herbal tea and things for the mama too. It sounded cute. ha.

Today when I woke up feeling like my nose had turned into a faucet overnight....I at first thought I wish I had a magic box that would make my day go smoothly! (or perhaps a friend to help out! but alas, all my willing friends have little ones themselves....) But after a few hours with my boys I remembered that my kids are incredibly imaginative. And they can keep themselves busy with artful or useful things for hours if I only let them. :) And as my nose kept me occupied all the morn, this is what the boys did.

Badger made this lovable little guy out of the empty mineral water box and a few empty cans.
Badger also made a digger for Owl, which he painted.
That's his "concentrating" face. Isn't he so stinkin' cute!
This unfinished work will be a castle with functional drawbridge.
And here is a rather sturdy cardboard sword strengthened with popsicle sticks.
If little Hen had been able to join in the fun, I think I would've actually had a pretty easy day. But of course he kept me busy. His favorite things lately involve naming birds at the feeder. He says "chi....chi" when he sees a chickadee. :) And of course pulling things off the counter and throwing various items in the garbage. Oi. I'm just thankful he hasn't discovered that the toilet flushes yet. ;)

Signing off for I can rest my weary head.

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