Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Spring Day

Breakfast with berries and cream is always a good way to start out the day.  J made the coffee, I made the waffles.  The boy cleaned the berries and we were all set.  I love breakfasts together.  It is rare for us to be able to eat together on the days that J works, without it feeling rushed.  I have been making a better effort to get up early and just get breakfast started earlier, and it is making our mornings much nicer. (note to self, getting up early is not just for "me time", I can get up early to help others too)

We made an effort to finish some things we've been working on and get them out of the way early in the day.  So we tackled math and history and cleaning.  Go team!  The littlest two were kept busy with this novel idea....  
 A Balloon!
 They had so much fun!
 They played for about an hour while I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.  I think I'm finally caught up from being sick over the past month.  Honestly.  I get behind like that and it takes forever to get caught up again!

After lunch, we headed outside to play.  The sunshine was so warm, the sky so blue.  The grass was dry enough to sit on while I weeded the asparagus bed.  I cut fire wood. (for real) They had some jedi training going on.

There was some bird watching...or maybe he was being a spy....

 Then we headed inside for quiet times and I have to say the new couch was incredibly helpful with this today.  No one grumbled a bit and they all rushed to get a good spot on the couch!  After we rested, it was time to get to work on dinner!  Hen helped with the rolling out of the dough.
 Have you ever seen such a cute kitchen helper?
 We made chicken artichoke calzones, one of J's favorites.
 And while we were at it, we made a pizza for later, and this spinach garlic cheese bread.
 After dinner, I was able to go for a long walk with Millie.  It must be spring!  It was still light out when I got home and my soul just felt lighter knowing that longer days are here.  I don't always realize how much the darkness of winter affects me while it's happening.  The sunshine of spring, the light of the longer's like it thaws me from the inside out.  It's such a fantastic feeling of renewal.
Crocus blooming, and hollyhock's green growth.

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  1. i would love the recipe for these chicken artichoke calzones! (despite my thought that Reid would dislike them) PS- hope J's week is calmer this week. See you Friday I hope!