Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Long Weekend

A thunderstorm is just about to roll through I only have a few minutes to thoughts too are still a bit jumbled from the long weekend.  J had to work late, like past bedtime, on Thursday and Friday and all day Saturday and part of the day today.  And he's back to work for a full week again tomorrow.  He's gotta be exhausted, poor guy, but of course he's upstairs doing bedtime now, because he knows that a mama on double duty for four days needs a break, and also because I'm sure he misses those little rascals that are our four boys.

I have learned so much about myself this past week.  It is not fun stuff actually so I'll spare you.  But let me say that one good thing that I did learn was that I *can* be with my kids all day and night by myself and still love being in their company. (I always knew this, but yet I didn't you know?) It takes a little bit of mental preparation for me....and a good deal of self control to step fully into the hard moments that come instead of stepping away, which just makes it so much worse for everyone.  If I see things clearly, and really look at this whole motherhood business as an opportunity to serve, then surprise, surprise!  It works!  And I find a sense of peace and contentment like I've never known before.   Anyway, I'm tired so perhaps this isn't making any sense....

We did have a great night last night.  The boys and I worked out in the garden all day yesterday.  Raking dead leaves and hauling loads to the compost.  Turning over rocks to investigate bugs.  Taking care of the hens.  And cutting wood in preparation for our campfire last night.  We roasted hot dogs and made smores. We played baseball and rode bikes.  We told stories and shared hopes for a summertime filled with more wonderful times together.  And this morning there were egg sandwiches and watching building shows in our jammies and a good time of talking and praying together.

So many blessings.  So much to be thankful for.  And here the thunder comes.  So, goodnight!

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