Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a glimpse...

We had a really nice Easter weekend.  My parents came to spend the weekend with us and we cooked together and played together.  I think the boys had a really fun time!  Sunday after church we had an egg hunt in the backyard.  My dad orchestrated the whole thing and the boys loved it!  Here's a few from the adventure.....
 Hen loved it, but thought there should've been more eggs I think.
Badger took it a little too seriously perhaps?  This picture makes me laugh!

 Hen looks so goofy!  And so do the other boys actually.  But I still love these photos.  My kids are goofy and I love that about them!

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  1. totally goofy! they are lovely. badger taking it seriously?? no way... sorry i missed you all this week. so glad my family got to enjoy all of you.