Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Wow, it's all going so fast!  This week has been full, full, full!  The boys have their homeschool co-op musical tomorrow!  We've had lots of rehearsals and when we're not singing and dancing with our friends, we are outside enjoying the springtime weather!

The days have been so good lately.  We raked the entire yard (huge yard) and the boys used their big metal dumptrucks to take the leaves to the compost.  Fun!  We have had quiet times out on the big blanket in the sunshine, which is just so relaxing and fun to do together.  I love the conversations that happen when we are outside doing nothing.  "Oh mom, look at that bug.  Oh mom, did you hear that bird?...."

We are trying to be disciplined with our early morning routines of chores, math, history while we fold laundry....that kind of thing.  I feel like the boys are starting to see how nice it is to actually have a tidy house and as a result are more interested in helping out with picking up and doing dishes, etc.

And most importantly in our news, Cricket is turning 7.  Tomorrow.  On musical day.  He is super excited and also a little bummed to have to "share" the day. (oh well, sharing is good)  He has planned a cake for me to make and it's going to be fun!  I'll tell you the flavor, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, but you'll have to tune back in soon to see what the cake will look like.  It IS Star Wars related but I don't think you'll guess it!

That's all for now.  Just wanted to check in.  Especially for my mom, who has been traveling and probably is yearning for an update of the boys.  Sorry no pics for now, mom.....soon though.  Soon.

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