Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Fun Cake!

A Hoth Wompa Cave Cake complete with an upside down Luke Skywalker.  

 Made with the Chai Tea Spice Cake and cream cheese frosting.  The bottom is a bundt cake, with a piece cut out and set to the side.  The bundt cake is topped by a 9 inch round to make the cave shape.
 Badger graciously let me use his lego guys and J helped me place them just right.  Pretty soon Luke Skywalker is going to use the force to get his light saber unstuck from the snow and escape, remember?
 The birthday boy was pleased.  We had a fun family party for him and he said it was the best birthday ever!

For more photos of decorative birthday cakes I've made click here.


  1. This is amazing! what a great cake!! the upside down luke is priceless! :D Happy Birthday to the big boy!

  2. great choice, cricket!! super job, R. will you make one for my next birthday? ;)

  3. Writing from NYC. Wish I could be there. Belated birthday wishes, Cricket! Glad you all had good time together.