Friday, March 18, 2011


Our littlest mancub turned two this week!
 He's had a splendid time this week playing outside.  All winter he wanted to play outside with the bigger boys, but then when it actually came down to it, he would get frustrated about walking in the snow and downright mad about falling into the snow, which is inevitable when you are two.  This winter was a winter of cold, icy, hard-to-walk-in snow.   And now the snow is almost gone and the season of mud has arrived!  A boy's favorite season!

We are celebrating Hen's special day this weekend with family, but couldn't pass up the chance to make chocolate cupcakes on the actual day.  The littlest boys and I made these, while the older two were at homeschool co-op.  It was fun, but I'll admit Owl and Hen were not very into helping make them, but were very into helping to eat them.  Ah, well...

He licked the chocolate buttercream off the top and tried to grab a second one, because isn't that what you are supposed to do?  The cupcake must just be something to put the frosting on for ease of holding and licking!

Today we walked to the local bookstore and when we walked into the children's section Hen spotted Arnold Lobel's "Owl at Home".  He pointed to it, and promptly said, "Owl at Home! Owl at Home!" The bookstore owner knows us and has been the supplier of books to our oldest boy (voracious reader) since he was 3.  When he heard Hen's response to seeing the familiar book he said, "Another one? How old is he?"  "Two", I said sheepishly.  And yes, we've got another one, whatever that means.  Having  children like this (bright, gifted, amazing?  i don't know what to call it?) seems "normal" to me now, and it's funny to be reminded how not "normal" it is for a just turned two year old to be talking in sentences and starting to sound out words in a book.

What a crazy journey we are on.  Parenting.  Loving.  Living.  I'm so thankful for this time I have with these Little Men.  Someone I know says, "Normal is just a setting on your dishwasher" and I am finding that is so true.


  1. Happy birthday, Henry! I knew it was this week, but couldn't remember the day. I can't believe that boy is two. Miss him and all of you.

  2. oh my how he's growing! happy birthday!!!