Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Promise of Growth

Today while the older boys were at Homeschool Co-op, the two littler boys and I planted bulbs. Tulip bulbs, and daffodils, and grape hyacinths (my favorite), and those beautiful, brave little crocuses that pop up on a sunny day even if there is still snow. We had lots of fun. Digging the holes was great fun. Hen was delighted to find worms and not at all afraid to pick them up. (all my other boys are) Owl was a great little helper, watering them all in place after covering them up with dirt for their long sleep.

We found tree roots while digging, since we were planting under our big, tall Maples. So we got to talk about roots and how they are the strength of the tree. We talked about bulbs and how they wait until Spring to start growing and how beautiful the new growth will be after a long Winter. It was great.

I just love how God designed bulbs to have everything they need to grow in that one little package and how they know to wait until the conditions are right before they start the process. Every time I plant one I am reminded of the beauty that comes in Spring. It is such a hopeful time to look forward too, even now as we enjoy the beauty of Change that Fall brings. God is good....and Steadfast. His creation tells us of Himself. I'm so glad of that.

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  1. God is so good! How much he has to teach us if we open our eyes to see!