Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today it finally happened!!! We were eating breakfast (toast and tea), when we spotted our first tobacco hornworm had emerged from his sleep! Here he is....our hawk moth!!!
He is about three and one-half inches from head to wingtip. I'm guessing that his wings spread during flight would be about five inches, which matches what we read about their size.
We were all quite surprised at how camouflaged he was on his branch. His patterned wings are so hairy too! And in the picture below, can you see his antenna folded down near his eye? It's sort of hard to see but his antennae are little feathers!
We released him in our sunflower house, and he climbed right into the morning glories to hide out and wait for nightfall. I wish I could just sit and watch for him to take his first flight. We'll have to go check on him in the morning and see if he is still there. I am amazed at how beautiful and intricate he is and I can't help but think that our Creator is just amazing.

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