Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This can be supper, right?

The boys enjoying a parfait of homemade granola, berries and plain yogurt.  yum!

It's been raining, and raining, and raining.  And raining.  The mancubs are restless.  We've been doing a lot of drawing.  Lots of playing games.  Here are a few of the creative endeavors that have kept us busy for the past few gloomy days. 

This is Badger's game that he made.  It's a version of Battleship.  He read about Battleship in a Calvin and Hobbes comic.  (we've had to hide that book for now..... it's not a children's book!)  Anyway, he must've liked the idea of the game, because one day about two weeks ago he drew his first game out and taught Cricket how to play.  They will sit and do this for an hour or more!  Playing in different rooms than each other so there is no peaking at each other's board.  :)
Badger and Cricket have also made magazines for each other.  Lego magazines of course.  Here's the one Cricket made.  The top left hand corner is a picture of an Ocean Lego Set.  (see the writing says..."includes first Lego coral"...Cricket doesn't see why they haven't designed Coral yet as he thinks it is super important.  He wants to be a scuba diver some day.)
Also in Cricket's magazine...the bottom left hand page is a Star Wars set.  The writing says "Droids are attacking the Jedi City".  And the two sets on the right page are Space sets.  See the earth on the bottom picture?

Badger made a magazine too.  His writing is really amazing to me.  (Cricket's is too!)  It's just that I haven't really formally taught him how to write anything.  I mean, once I taught him what an apostrophe was, but that is really the extent of it.  I occasionally get asked how to spell something, but mostly he "looks up" how to spell words from a book.  (not the dictionary, just any book that he thinks might have the word he's looking for)  And he LOVES to write!  Almost as much as he loves to read.  I'm so glad about this. :)  And I'm soooo glad to be able to have him learn at home.   

I also wanted to add that my Little Owl has been playing and pretending up a storm lately.  His favorite thing to play is "adventure".  This involves pretending that the Learning Tower is an airplane and recruiting someone (mama, or a brother, sometimes Millie) to be copilot.  Then he flies to a different country, sees the different animals and then flies off to somewhere else.  His top two faves to visit are Australia (kangaroos), and the Amazon River. (to see the green anaconda of course.)  It's super fun to see his imagination "take off" like this!  

That's all for now.
ps. sorry about the weirdness with the font size.  I apparently can't fix it easily and it doesn't seem worth the time.  i hope you understand.

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