Friday, June 4, 2010

A Full Day

A late start today...lingering in our jammies long after's Hen playing dominoes.  Okay, really he just takes them all out of the tin and puts them all back in over and over again. :)
We spent the morning exploring our new space.  Moving things in.  The lights are up! and working!  Hurray!
Then bath time. 
Next we got out the microscope to further investigate Lavendar's shed skin.  Once we pulled it out of her cage we were surprised at how pristine it was.  Intact from head to tail.  
Isn't that amazing?  We took a small piece from the belly near the tail to make a slide.  It was interesting to look at with magnification.  

We also did some building today.  Which for the most part is a daily occurrence if you count Legos as building.  The boys love love love to build with Legos.  They would spend the entire day doing that if I let them.  (I have before that's how I know)

We also did some construction work today.

We put together a new bench for the entrance way to the back door.  They had fun with this.  Cricket and Owl like the idea of the building more than the actual assembling itself.   While Badger gets right in there and hangs in with it until it's finished.  That boy is something else! :)  They each are really.  :) :)

The day finished by Papa coming home and taking us "out for fish fry".  Yum.  Then we walked down to the little carnival that is in town for the weekend and watched people riding the ferris wheel.   Then late bedtimes as we noticed the first fireflies of the summer.   I feel content.  Full.  And a bit sleepy.  I think I'll go snuggle in with J, who has already fallen asleep on the couch.  'Night.

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  1. awesome! what a nice day of adventures. I like the snake skin, i do :)