Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End of June?!

Just checking in.....

We had a great weekend. It was mostly just us relaxing. There was some outside time. There was helping with the music at church, which involved several nights of J and I jamming with the guitar. (fun!) There was a berry pie with whipped cream for Sunday night dessert. And other moments, too sweet or swift to write about just now.

The start of the week has been mostly the boys and I outside enjoying some sunny weather!!! It's been awesome. They have been rather cooped up with all the rain as of late, and that means that now the playing outside is the kind where they are happy enough just being free outdoors that I do not have to referee too much. (I try not to do too much of that anyway!) So....I've been able to weed the garden and spend time enjoying all the many things growing here on the farm.

Yesterday, we found a big, fat toad in the potato patch which made me feel so very blessed. I have always loved toads....ever since I was a girl. At the cottage (where we vacationed every summer when I was small) we had a row boat on the beach. It was always turned upside down to keep it dry and clean. Without fail, every time you turned it right side up you'd find toads that had been hiding under there. It was so fun to catch them and watch them. The boys apparently love toads as much as I do, because they promptly set up a "house" for him near the potato patch. It involves an empty flower pot, some grass, some water, and a friendship offering of a strawberry from the mostly-spent strawberry patch. Do toads even eat strawberries? I guess we'll find out.

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