Friday, June 18, 2010

A storm, a Break, and a Sunset

Another stormy day.  In more ways than one.  I've been more aware lately of the challenges that are mingled in with the joys of my job.  I LOVE my job.  I am so thankful to be the mama to these beautiful babes.  I am so glad to be home with them all day.  But....that doesn't mean that every moment every day is smooth sailing.  Sometimes it's a bit stormy.  And I totally admit that much of the storminess is simply a result of me being selfish or tired.  I sometimes turn into a little black stormcloud when things get overwhelming to me.  Thankfully, I am getting much better at relying on God's guidance in the little things in my life and the storms are fewer and less volatile than before.  (it's true, right J?) the weather was humid and the clouds built all morning.  We spent the time planting the morning glories around the sunflowers in our playhouse.  Then there was the discovery of two sharp rocks in the "quarry". (the quarry is the hole the boys have excavated in the gravel driveway in their search for fossils and interesting rocks.)   They quickly found some large sticks and began whittling.  So fun!
All the while I kept my eye on these little ones, I faced a challenge with Hen.  He is growing and teething and my milk is waning and all of those things leave one unhappy little guy.  And I am getting really tired of the shirt pulling, biting, arching back, and screaming that ensues when he is tired and frustrated that the milk isn't there.  (i don't know why there isn't milk?  I'm not pregnant though, don't worry. )  Anyway...the end of the story is that he finally fell asleep and I set him down with his favorite blanket only to have him wake up again.  Oi.  This happens often lately and it tires me out a bit.  Today, I just took a deep breath, said a prayer,  and tried again and he settled down soon after.  Then....I got a few minutes with the boys watching this storm roll in.
They whittled and I had a few moments, my only time to myself all day, to wander around the garden and see this.  Ah, my hydrangea is blooming.  And the feverfew.  I love feverfew.  It's so old fashioned looking.

I also spied that the black raspberries are starting to ripen.  These two little beauties, those five minutes of quiet wandering helped so much.  We settled in for the afternoon with some baking, reading, a David Attenbourough film, and making a nice dinner for Papa.  And then this.....
This sunset was the view from the kitchen window tonight.  All the while this was happening out the northside of the house, the southside had beautiful blue lightening.  Wow.  

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  1. lovely ! I was so excited myself to spot some wild black raspberries peeking out from the edge of the woods were I go jogging-ive been stopping there at the end of my run for a little 'snack'.

    your last picture here is soo peaceful and beautiful!