Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1

Have I told you how incredibly awesome our kids are lately?  Well, they are.  I'm pretty sure it is through no fault of my own, by the way.  I just am so impressed with how laid back they have been through this whole remodel process.  For the most part they have just gone with the flow, helped out when needed, gone without clean socks, etc.  And considering these things would've been quite a challenge for them just a few months ago, it is quite amazing.  I'm so thankful for this, because the last thing I wanted to worry about during all of this was whether or not they were still thriving.  *sigh*  And now we are almost finished so yay!  We are all still well.

This little guy, however, continues to give me a run for my money every single day.  Oi!  He just is so busy and social and busy.  He wants to be right with me every second of the day (and night) and being in the carrier isn't enough.  He needs to be talked to continually or he hollers.  Seriously!  It is a challenge for me to be sure, because sometimes I like to have private thoughts. LOL.  
Also in the news....Lavender  shed her skin!  SO exciting!  We have plans to look at it under the microscope.  
And here are a few recent pictures of the remodel. (yes, I know...super random least you can count on me for something!)
The cabinets are still not done and for the most part that is my fault.  I am frustrated with myself about this, but really what can be done about it?  Not a whole lot.  The time alloted me at present to work on these things is after the kids go to bed and by then I'm sooo tired.  I'm thankful that I got a few days of uninterrupted time to work last week.  Unfortunately each cabinets needs the equivalent of 5 coats, which is part of the deal.  Anyway..I hope to get them finished this weekend.  (Someone please tell me it's possible for me to finish these!)

The stove is all hooked up and ready for use!  Now where ARE the pots and pans?

Lunchtime at the new counter.  So fun to see their bright faces excited about the new space.  One of the things I have learned about having more than three kids is that space counts.  You might not have lots of room, but you can still create many spaces.  Especially for learning at home, it works well for us to have lots of different spots to move through throughout the day.  I'm so glad for the new space this remodel has made for us!
Tomorrow....the plummer hooks up the sink and faucet!!!! Oooo and dishwasher!!!!!


  1. i am SO EXCITED for you!!!!! you did it!!! it looks amazing and i can imagine how it feels to be in a new, open space. congratulations, it's beautiful.

  2. i can't believe your kitchen. can't. believe it. wow.