Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th

 When I asked the boys what they wanted to do for Valentine's Day this year, they were all in agreement....make Monster Mailboxes!  We did this a few years back, when Hen was the baby.  The mailboxes lasted for almost a year, getting used whenever anyone wanted to send a message to someone.  It was great fun.  (And was excellent for boosting courage with reading!)  So when they said they wanted to do it again, I was game.
 How to make them?  Raid the recycling bin.  Make a smallish box out of cardboard, or use one already the right size.  (kleenex boxes are really good for this).  Using a scissors, make a mouth to be used as a mail slit.   Somehow Valentines are more fun when they can be eaten by your monster box.
Paint the box with acrylic paint.  Then decorate it however you like.  We used foam stickies, which isn't something we would normally use, but someone gave us a giant bag of them a long time ago and we are still using them up.  Hen wanted to do his entirely by himself and for some reason I was just not in the mood to let him.  I was certain he needed my help to paint it and tell him ideas of how it should be.  (I have no idea why some days I am less up for the adventure of letting him be his independent self.)  I realized pretty quickly to just step aside and let him go!  And this is why he wanted to do it himself....

 Because he could do it really well!  On his own!  You might not be able to tell from this picture, but every side of the box is a different color and the edges are painted really well, with pretty straight lines.  He did all of it on his own, from squeezing out the paint to washing out his brushes.  I am so impressed!
 Boy #1's is not a monster mailbox, but a robot.
 Boy #3's.  I love the toothy grin.

 Boy #2's has a crazy mouth that opens and closes.
 So the rest of the day was spent making Valentines!  Hurray!  I love days of making.  Although, these days, I am not involved in the making very much because little peanut is all hands on and will only sit watching the boys for a short while.  Then she's off! 

 Her new skill of pulling up on the furniture....or pulling up on the dog...yes she's done it, and poor Millie just lets her.

Oh, and J...this is post is for you.  Happy Valentine's Day my love.  Thank you for encouraging me to post on the blog again.  I love you more than words can say.


  1. Hey! We got some of your handiwork in the mail today - like the card that Ezra is holding. Thanks for some February love!

  2. we're glad you're blogging again too...keeps those precious and changing faces familiar!