Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013

 Well here we are at the end of January...okay technically it's February 1st as I "publish" this....but still....these pictures are from this past week.  What has happened to allow me this precious space of time to write here on the dear old blog?  Well....nothing.  And everything.  I'll spare you, just now, the details of this messy life....and let you get on to the pictures of these beautiful kids.  As you can see Boy #2 and Boy #4 have been doing some awesome playing together these past days.  It's such a gift to see them growing closer together during our days.
 Boy #3 has lost his front tooth!  Take note!  He's done it!  Crossed the threshhold from little boy into big adventurer.  He also has conquered his fear of the water (so thankful for our awesome swim teacher!) and has started reading.  Hurray!
 My beloved had his 37th birthday this week.  We celebrated by sleeping in (sort was past 7am, which is technically sleeping in for us) and having a snow day.  It was low key for sure, but sometimes that is best, especially for my guy who loves being home.  The little girl is amazing and loves her papa.  She said his "name" first of course...and it's so sweet being greeted first thing in the morning by her cooing little voice saying "papa, papa."
 These pictures....really...I couldn't help but post them....because the cuteness is just too much!
 She loves the bathtub!  Here she is concentrating on those top teeth that are soon to appear.
 She is my little companion throughout the day.  Always smiling.  Always busy.  She loves to just be where everyone is and explore the things around her.  And yes, she has started crawling....and yes, I might just never get anything done ever again.  I keep telling myself that it is a season and to enjoy it, because it will all be so different before I know it.  I just want to drink it all in...this time of littleness....where everything is new for her....where all of her sorrow can be fixed by holding hands, nursing and a pink blanket.


  1. Yay! So glad you found a moment to post! I just checked on Tree Shadow Farm last night and re-read some old ones. You are right about the cute factor, and it's not just her. Love to all of you.

  2. oh, thank you for the updates; we miss you all! yay, lori for losing a tooth! ani lost one this week too, one of the top front...
    that little girl is something else...i just want to snuggle her!