Monday, February 25, 2013

A Menu and A Braid

The light is changing!  Have you noticed it?  Spring is a comin'!  My body seems to feel the difference as I have been craving greens like you would not believe.  Somehow eating a good salad is almost as good as sunshine.

Here is what's on the menu for this last week of February...

S    Apple pancakes w/ pure maple syrup
      Ham and swiss sandwiches w/ spicy mustard and greens
      Brats and Saurkraut with homemade fries

S  Homemade almond granola
    Chicken and wild rice soup with rye bread & salad
    Steak (grass fed) and pepper fajitas with all the fixin's

M  Homemade granola and smoothies
      Pesto grilled cheese and leftover soup & salad
      Lentils and rice with walnuts, mushrooms, onions and feta

T  Oatmeal with raisins and nuts
    Peanut Butter and Jelly with apples and clementines
    Pesto Noodles with mushrooms, broccoli, and tomatoes

W  Eggs and Toast
     Leftovers & salad
     Baked potatoes with sour cream, wilted greens, and bacon

Th  Oatmeal with apples and nuts
      Pita pizzas and salad
      Roast chicken with rice pilaf and green beans with balsamic, feta and garlic

F  Whole wheat waffles
    Black bean quesadillas with fresh veggies or salad

And...though it doesn't really go together...I just wanted it to go down in our history...that our little girl wore her first braid in this last week of February. is shallow...but I don't care.  Sometimes it's the little things that give us joy.  I have waited a long time for a little girl with brown hair to braid.  And no...she doesn't mind at all.  She seems to really like having her hair done. you have it.  Her first braid, complete with pudgy cheeks.

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