Thursday, June 2, 2011


Turns out we are "house rich".  Who knew?  Seems, I'd guess, from many perspectives, living in this old house with all the many many unfinished or in-need-of-repair things would make us anything but rich.  And it's true that we are so rich in so many ways.  Our house is such a huge blessing!  

House rich just means that we are paying way more than we should be...according to Dave Ramsey...the percentage of earnings that you spend on your mortgage should be about 30% of your monthly income.  Oops.  Ours is almost 75%.  That being said, I think we've done a wonderful job living and feeding six people on so little without going into debt.  Don't you think?

So....we've realized how much we need to make this house worthwhile.  I mean it is.  But you know.  We have to use what we have to make up for the income that we just don't have right now!  (Still hugely blessed!)  Which brings me to the garden.  If you haven't noticed we've been pretty busy.  And here is what we have to show for it.

 Strawberries.  Tons of strawberries, just forming now...
 Broccoli.  Yum.
 Lettuce.  Can't remember the variety.  Isn't it pretty?
 Beets.  Hurray!
A favorite spot of the boys while mama is working in the garden.  The seat watches over the hen house, which is always fun.  The more coveted seat is on the blanket in the dirt next to me, the digger of bugs.  I'm actually after the quack grass roots (yes, i've dug up the entire garden by hand this year) but don't tell the boys.  They think it's cool that I am looking for bugs.  We've read several books about garden pests this year and finally found a good one that has photos of bugs in their larval stage too.   Can you just picture us all puttering out in the dirt.  One boy finds a caterpillar and the other flips through the book looking for it's name.   There is so much learning going on over here!

Tonight, we have a pizza night planned, which includes early bedtimes for the littles and some time for J and I to connect. (here's hopin' one of us won't fall asleep as soon as we sit down!)  The boys have been staying up so late working and playing outside.  Somehow, nine-thirty has become the standard bedtime, and my early risers have been sleeping in!

Oh, one more thing...the boys wanted me to tell you that they cut down a tree this weekend.  It's true they did.  (with lots of help)  We cut down a tree that was causing some damage to the garden and a neighboring tree.  The boys sawed the pieces apart and hauled them to the woodpile all afternoon.  I'm so proud of my little men.  And so thankful that I am able to teach them the joy of hard work and living to serve one another. 


  1. beautiful!!! we had our first kale salad tonight, from the garden. it was AWESOME! i'd love to know what insect/larvae book you found...

  2. Kale from the garden! Whoo hoo! I'm so glad for you!

    The book we are using is called "The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control". Catchy Title, eh? Edited by Ellis and Bradley. I hope you can find it. It's so helpful!