Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Boys

Hen likes to have toast and tea.  In real life too.
 Why does a two year old like such a thing?  Because his favorite book is currently The Two Towers by Tolkien.  I can not distinguish the why of his love for this book.  It could be that he loves when his papa reads to him for way too long before bedtime.  All of them really revel in that attention and time when papa tucks them all in and then lies down on the floor (at their level at last?) and reads to them.
It could also be that Hen, small as he is, just knows what he likes.  He doesn't seem to know he's only two.  Yesterday at baseball, as we were packing up to go, we looked around and couldn't find Hen.  He was just with me the second only takes a second!  We quickly found him in the crowd weaving his way over to someone.  He looked determined.  I quickly followed and got to him just as he approached the snack lady and said, "May I please have some pretzels?"  She looked a little shocked.  I was a tad embarassed.  But hey!  He saw something he wanted and decided to go ask for it.  I say that's pretty mature.  And such nice manners. 

The two older boys have been busy in their world of play.  Our days are spent reading good things, working alongside one another, and playing.  Sometimes the playing is outside exploring, sometimes it's inside with toys or make believe.  They have been working on their friendship, and although they have always been close, it's getting better still.  They are more aware now of how their actions affect each other and I see them at times thinking of the other person instead of only themselves.  Good stuff.

After yesterday's baseball practice.   Two happy boys.

And little Owl?  (Not pictured)  Well...he's often found curled up in my lap these days.  Yeah.  It's that five year old thing that happens....remember that?  Where he wants to embrace the independence and often does, but at the same time wants his mama more than ever.  I'm glad to receive such love just now. Mothering is just my cup of tea.  What a gift.

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