Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's finally Spring

 I stand under the apple blossoms and feel as if there is a wedding happening all around me.  Such extravagant beauty must be the beginning of something wonderful.

 The currant bush that I have babied since we moved into this dear old house.  My dad says that grandma used to have one in the backyard and she would make currant jelly in the spring.
 The herb garden.
 We took a break from all the planting and headed for the lake.
 Skipping stones.

 Checking out the bugs.
 What a difference a year makes.  He's keeping up with the big boys now when we hike.  He knows many different bird calls now and is eager to stop and take a closer look.
We watched the turtles basking.  There were many very small ones (babies?) but this big guy sat still for me to photograph.  It was fun to watch them swim in the algae water and poke their little heads up for air.  We also hunted for frogs but never spotted one.  We could hear a bullfrog though so we know he's out there somewhere.  Maybe we'll find him next time.


  1. oh, i love that picture of henry following after the big boys! spring looks beautiful...glad it's finally come!

  2. what a grand idea. wish we were there to come join you!