Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sunshine comes in many forms. This beauty greets us in the morning out the dining room windows.  Several of them actually.  The song birds have decided to claim them and we do not mind.  There is always something to watch while we are sitting to eat or to do a creative project.

 Here's Hen all ready for a walk.  Such a happy boy.
 Little Owl with his walking stick.  Reminder to self, don't ever try to convince a boy to choose a smaller stick unless you really feel like getting into it.
 Many of our walks end at a park of some sort.  The brothers wouldn't all look at the camera. (I don't blame them as I am not one to pose children) I love this picture even though they aren't all looking in the same place because it is so natural.
 Hammock love.
 Badger at soccer.  The boy loves to run.  And run.  And run....
 Go team!

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