Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning With Friends

The boys had an awesome opportunity today.  One that they will be talking about and thinking about for quite some time, I think.  A friend of ours, a young man, from our community, brought over his Lego creation.  His amazing Lego creation.  The boys were in awe.  
 It's a tank hunter. (looked like a tank to me!) It was truly amazing.  Can you see the little blue minifigure in the above photo.  We put that guy there for scale.  This thing is really large.
 Here it is with its remote.  Yep.  It moves and turns and shoots with a aimable, reloadable gun.  Crazy neat!  I do not describe it well enough to do justice to it.  I do not have an engineering mind.  But our friend does and he explained the three motors and levers and design very thoroughly to the boys, who listened eagerly and asked all kinds of questions.  They were so impressed.  Truly.  It was such fun.
 The photo below is of the inside, with the armor removed.  
What a treat for the boys to be able to share this with our friend.  There was such a nice conversation following, such showing of Legos by the boys, showing the hermit crabs, talking about boy things.  There was even some talk of this young guy guiding our boys in the "next step" into learning about simple machines and building with Lego motors.  Cool.

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