Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Summer is upon us.  It's wonderful, really.  And still I wonder if I will ever be truly ready for summer when it comes.  Perhaps there will be a year, some time in the future, that I will be ready.  I'm not even sure really what ready means in this case, but I feel like we all anticipate summer's coming for so long and then it's here and I feel like I missed it's arrival.   I don't know.  Maybe it's supposed to be that way.  Like somehow the anticipation would be less if we knew when it's coming would be.

Anyway, while I was supposed to be paying attention to getting ready for summer, I have been.....

-Feeding my children, which apparently at this point is a full time job in and of itself.  Jeepers!

-Potty training Hen.  There is so much to say about this and yet nothing to say about this, you know?

-Taking care of the garden and my husband (who had a bad infection in his foot.  He's fine now, thank you.)

-Having a yard sale.

-Painting the upstairs hallway.  White.  I'm going for the whitewashed look.  I'm not sure why, but that's how it is for me.  I intuit paint colors and I can not explain it, nor do I think I should have to.  But I will tell you, I just am going with white because I want it to look like a blank canvas.  I'm going to hang blue flower pots all over the walls or something.  Wait and see.

-Exercising, thank you Jessica.  You rock.  I would not be getting up so very, very early without you!

-Picking berries.  Making jam.  Picking berries. Making juice.  Picking berries.  Freezing berries. Picking berries.....

-Having good conversations with My Little Men.  And reading Little Men. (Alcott)  For real, I love that book.  I wish that we had named our house Plumfield.  We were out driving in the country today, on our way to a hiking spot, and we saw a very large old fashioned house and Badger said, "That house looks just like how I imagine Plumfield to look!"

-And loving. As best I know how.  Fumbling through this world in prayer that I would be able to show those around me love.   Letting go of how I want it to be and accepting God's plan.  Trusting that His idea is better than mine and that He will show me His goodness again and again.  And all by His grace.

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