Monday, July 4, 2011

Memories & A Menu

Hiking at the park.  Miles of paths through shady woods, lined with blackberries and gooseberries everywhere the eye falls.  (No, the berries were not ripe yet, patience, patience! ) 
 We followed the creek through clearings of wildflowers, the creek calling to us for relief from the hot sun.  Only Millie gave in to the call.  I don't know if you can tell but she is lying down in the water.
 Eldest (Badger) was the dog walker.  He told me that if we were a pack of dogs, I'd be the Alpha female, he'd be the oldest offspring and Millie would be the least important dog.  Nice.  Cricket was the navigator.  He stopped frequently to check which direction we were going.  "We have been going South-west for a long, long time."
 The two littles got to ride (thank you, Papa) and it was fun for everyone.  (Except for the part where J had to push that stroller uphill through sand while watching for horse droppings)  He considered it exercise though, good natured as he is, said how good it was to feel oneself sweat.  Ha.

We've been making all kinds of memories these days.  We also went to the beach this weekend.  Hen flopped around like a little fish.  All the boys are growing in their ability in the water and J and I had our hands full just watching them.  (sorry no pictures!  I was too busy counting heads above the water) We had a picnic too and then came home to camp.  No we didn't sleep outside, but the boys put up their tents in Ravenwood and played among them all afternoon.  They are a regular pack of little Natives.  I love it!

We rested this afternoon and made a Flag Cake in honor of the day.  The boys made the "stars and stripes."  I used this recipe for whole wheat shortcake.  It was the first sponge cake I ever attempted and it was so worth the effort. Yum!

 (a moment of reflection? from this tired out camper)
 There were games of checkers tonight and then off to an early bedtime to help start the week off well.

And with that I'll leave you....with a Menu. (am I the only one who loves to read people's menus?)
At our house this week...
 M.....Spinach, green onion, and feta omelettes w/toast & jam
          Turkey, cheddar, and cucumber sandwiches and fresh veggies
          BBQ chicken, salad from the garden, and flag cake
T......Soaked oatmeal with raisins and nuts
         Black Bean Quesadillas, fresh veggies
         Beef & Pea Pod Stir Fry
W....Eggs in a nest w/ Nectarine slices
        PB & J, fresh veggies
        Felafel with cukes and toms and homemade flatbread
Th....Blueberry Pancakes
         Salad with cottage cheese and veggies
         Beef & Bean Tacos with fixin's and cornbread
F.....Soaked oatmeal with raisins or apples
        Nachos with beans and cheese and veggies
        Pesto Pasta with Broccoli and Grape Tomatoes
S....will be on the fly....just using up whatever we have in the garden and fridge! We are on a budget afterall, and I have found that instead of changing the variety or kinds of foods to save money it works best to just have a day of eating the random things that need to be used up.

What's cookin' at your place?

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